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All Fargo Qualifiers need to fill in the information for the Media Guide as soon as possible. You will be required to fill in all the data fields. We will also be taking a photo of each wrestler for insertion into media guide we will either do that at States or when you arrive in camp.

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Pan American Cadet Championships in Peru

Results from Cadet Pan-American Greco meet in Lima, Peru. Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary) 76kg wins Silver and Michael Beard (Malvern Prep) 86kg wins a Bronze Medal. Tomorrow the Women are in Action and on Sunday it is Men's Freestyle. Results Below:

Claiming gold medals were Andrew Chambal of Millington, Mich. at 42 kg/92.5 lbs., Colin Valdiviez of Lee’s Summit, Mo. at 54 kg/119 lbs., Calvin Germinaro of Ramsey, Minn. at 63 kg /138.75 lbs. and Noah Adams of Coal City, W.Va. at 100 kg/220 lbs.

Chambral went 4-0 in a five-athlete roundrobin, scoring three technical falls and a pin. Included was a 9-0 technical fall over runner-up Junior Medina Guaman of Ecuador.

Valdiviez won both of his matches, stopping Michael Jimenez Chispon of Ecuador in the finals, 8-8.

Germinaro finished with a 3-0 record, with technical falls in his first two bouts. He stopped David Brooks Bodden of Honduras, 6-3 in the finals.

Adams won both of his matches by technical fall, including an 8-0 stoppage over Paul Morales Bojorquez of Mexico in the finals.

Winning silver medals with a 2-1 records were Jack Karstetter of Tulsa, Okla. at at 58 kg/127.75 lbs. and Jake Hendricks of New Ringgold, Pa. at 76 kg/167.5 lbs.

Battling back after losses to claim bronze medals were Cevion Severado of St. Peters, Mo. at 46 kg/101.5 lbs. , Dylan D’Emilio of Curtice, Ohio at 50 kg/110 lbs. and Michael Beard of Pottstown, Pa. at 85 kg/187.5 lbs.

The United States placed second in the team standings with 88 points, behind host Peru with 119 points. Mexico was third with 75 points, with 11 nations scoring points. This year, UWW allowed nations to bring as many as two athletes per weight class, and Peru had multiple entries in many weights. The USA brought one athlete per weight, and the men who wrestled in Greco-Roman will also compete in freestyle on Sunday.

The U.S. women’s freestyle team weighed in and received their draws for Saturday, which are listed below.

At Lima, Peru

Greco-Roman results.

42 kg/92.5 lbs
Gold - Andrew Chambral (USA)
Silver - Junior Medina Guaman (Ecador)
Bronze - Jeser Pereira Borja (Colombia)

46 kg/101.5 lbs.
Gold - Nestor Delgado Ramirez (Mexico) 
Silver - Alexander Ore Solis (Peru)
Bronze - Cevion Severado (USA) 
Bronze - Kevin Chavez Aguilar (Peru)

50 kg/110 lbs.
Gold - Martin Bazaldua de la Riva (Mexico)
Silver - Juan Molina Paste (Ecuador) 
Bronze - Jair Martel Robles (Peru)
Bronze - Dylan D'Emilio (USA)

54 kg/119 lbs.
Gold - Colin Valdiviez (USA)
Silver - Michael Jimenez Chispon (Ecuador)
Bronze - Efren Avellano Vega (Mexico) 
Bronze - Matias Panero (Argentina)

58 kg/127.75 lbs.
Gold - Gerardo Oliva Montes (Peru)
Silver - Jack Karstetter (USA)
Bronze - Jose Davila Cabello (Mexico) 
Bronze - Irving Salazar Cabrera (Mexico)

63 kg /138.75 lbs.
Gold - Calvin Germinaro (USA)
Silver - David Brooks Bodden (Honduras) 
Bronze - Brisd Walttuoni Rojas (Peru)
Bronze - Diego Diaz (Colombia)

69 kg/152 lbs.
Gold - Angel Parada (Venezuela)
Silver - Adrian Ayaucan Mendriel (Peru)
Bronze - Jhoniez Guzman (Colombia)
Bronze - Jesus Lopez Nino (Mexico)

76 kg/167.5 lbs.
Gold - Arturo Camacho Valenciano (Mexico)
Silver - Jake Hendricks (USA)
Bronze - Raul Gierbolini Rivera (Puerto Rico)
Bronze - Luis Lopez Vasquez (Mexico) 

85 kg/187.5 lbs.
Gold - Jhony Gonzalez (Colombia)
Silver - Jermy Julio (Venezuela) 
Bronze - Michael Beard (USA)
Bronze - Fabio Rodriguez (Brazil)

100 kg/220 lbs.
Gold - Noah Adams (USA)
Silver - Paul Morales Bojorquez (Mexico)
Bronze - Christopher O'Toole (Canada)
Bronze - Carlos Pairazaman Albuqueque (Peru)

Greco-Roman entries

42 kg/92.5 lbs. – Andrew Chambal, Millington, Mich., gold medal
WIN Jossier Denegri Arizapana (Peru), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Junior Medina Guaman (Ecuador), tech. fall 9-0
WIN Pool Denegri Arizapana (Peru), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Jeser Pereira Borja (Colombia), pin

46 kg/101.5 lbs. – Cevion Severado, St. Peters, Mo., bronze medal
LOSS Nestor Delgado Ramirez (Mexico), tech. fall 1-9

50 kg/110 lbs. – Dylan D’Emilio, Curtice, Ohio, bronze medal
LOSS Martin Bazaldua de La Riva (Mexico), tech. fall 0-8
WIN Hygor Hakkene Silveira (Brazil), tech. fall 8-0

54 kg/119 lbs. – Colin Valdiviez, Lee’s Summit, Mo., gold medal
WIN Joshua Beke (Canada), tech. fall 13-4
WIN Michael Jimenez Chispon (Ecuador), 8-8

58 kg/127.75 lbs. – Jack Karstetter, Tulsa, Okla., silver medal
WIN Lautaro Pereyra (Argentina), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Jose Davila Cabello (Peru), 3-0
LOSS Gerardo Oliva Montes (Peru), tech. fall 0-10

63 kg /138.75 lbs.– Calvin Germinaro, Ramsey, Minn., gold medal
WIN Adriel Souza (Brazil), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Diego Diaz (Colombia), tech. fall 8-0
WIN David Brooks Bodden (Honduras), 6-3

69 kg/152 lbs.– Tyler Dow, Stoughton, Wis., fifth place
WIN Sandro Herrera (Argentina), pin
LOSS A. Parada (Venezuela), 0-2
LOSS Jesus Lopez Nino (Mexico), 8-9

76 kg/167.5 lbs.– Jake Hendricks, New Ringgold, Pa., silver medal
WIN Thales Alves (Brazil), 4-4
WIN Raul Gierbolini Rivera (Puerto Rico), 4-2
LOSS Arturo Camacho Valenciano (Mexico), 3-4

85 kg/187.5 lbs. – Michael Beard, Pottstown, Pa., bronze medal
WIN Jimmy Quinonez Diaz (Ecuador), tech. fall 9-0
LOSS Jhony Gonzalez (Colombia), tech. fall 0-8
WIN Eduardo Cordova Teves (Peru), pin

100 kg/220 lbs. – Noah Adams, Coal City, W.Va., gold medal
WIN Christopher O’Toole (Canada), tech. fall 9-0
WIN Paul Morales Bojorquez (Mexico), tech. fall 8-0

Team Standings
1. Peru, 119
2. United States, 88
3. Mexico, 75
4. Ecuador, 64
5. Colombia, 48
6. Brazil, 37
7. Argentina, 24
8. Venezuela, 21
9. Canada, 18
10. Honduras, 15
11. Puerto Rico, 8
12. Bolivia, 6

U.S. Women’s freestyle draws

38 kg/83.75 lbs. – Caitlyn Walker, Hatboro, Pa.
Vs. Noemi Mantilla Acuna (Peru)

40 kg/88 lbs. – Tory Marrufo, El Paso, Tex.
Vs. Monet Valencia Janampa (Peru)

43 kg/94.75 lbs. – Kaitlyn Pizzo, Madison Heights, Mich.
Vs. Elizabeth Mora Conde (Peru)

46 kg/101.5 lbs. – Emily Shilson, Maple Grove, Minn.
Vs. Yeimy Perea (Colombia)

49 kg/108 lbs. – Stefana Jelacic, Fountain Hills, Ariz.
Vs. Jacqueline Lew (Canada)

52 kg/114.5 lbs. – Cameron Guerin, Yakima, Wash. 
Vs. Leticia Gonzales (Brazil)

56 kg/123.25 lbs. – Cierra Foster, Post Falls, Idaho
Vs. Kinley Link (Canada)

60 kg/132 lbs. – Breanna Douglas, Paola, Kansas
Vs. Ginamarie Santiago Ayala (Puerto Rico)

65 kg/143 lbs. – Jayden Laurent, Denmark, Wis.
Vs. Ana Contreras Coronado (Mexico)

70 kg/154 lbs. – Brooke Logan, El Mirage, Ariz.
Vs. Keren Guevara Melendez (Peru)



The PA Team will check into Clarion on Sunday to prepare for their trip to the Kids National Championship. A list of PA Wrestlers will be release after they check into camp.


Wednesday, July 6

Mats Open for Workouts: 1pm to 6pm

Greco-Roman Weigh-in Card and Coaches Pass Pick-up: 6pm to 7pm

Greco-Roman Medical Check and Weigh-ins: 7pm to 7:20pm

Thursday, July 7

Doors Open to the Public: 7:30am

Greco-Roman Rules Clinic: 8:30am to 8:40am

Parade of Competitors: 8:40am to 9am

Greco-Roman Session 1: 9am - Conclusion

Freestyle Weigh-in Card and Coaches Pass Pick-up: 4:30pm to 5pm

Freestyle Medical Check & Weigh-ins (only for wrestlers that did not weigh in for Greco-Roman): 5pm to 5:20pm

Friday, July 8

Doors Open to the Public: 7:30am

Parade of Competitors: 8:40am to 9am

Freestyle Session: 9am to Conclusion



Team PA 5th Place Freestyle

Team PA finishes in 5th place in Freestyle leading the way for Team PA were the following Matt Rodriquez (100) 6-2, Jaret Lane (106) 7-1, Sam Sasso (145) 6-2, Trent Hidlay (160) 7-1, Eric Hong (170) 6-2, Zane Black (220) 5-2 and Brendan Furman (285) 6-2.

Pool A

Quarter-Finals  -  Team PA 67 Georgia Blue 1

Semi-Finals  -  Team PA 44 Missouri 24

Finals  -  Illinois 45 Team PA 25

True Second Match  -  Team PA 49 Florida 17


Gold/Silver Pool

Round 1  -  Minnesota 44 Team 24

Round 2  -  Ohio 52  Team PA 10

Round 3  -  Team PA 51 Michigan Blue 18

Round 4  -  5th/6th Place Match Team PA 35  Iowa Red 32



Team PA had a few wrestlers that finished Greco undefeated and they were as follows: Jaret Lane (106) 8-0, Trent Hidlay (160) 7-0, Eric Hong (170) 7-0 and Zane Black (220) 8-0. Sam Sasso (145) was 6-1. Tomorrow starts Freestyle and Team PA is looking for a better finish. Check back for updates.


Quarter - Finals  -  Team PA 49 Kansas Red 12

Semi-Finals  -  Oklahoma Red 38 Team PA 30

Consolation Semi-Finals  -  Nebraska 39 Team PA 30

5th Place Match  -  Team PA 37 Kansas Red 24

Red/Blue Pool

Round 1  -  Team PA 44 North Carolina 22

Round 2  -  Team PA 46 North Dakota Red 19

Round 3  -  Team PA 36 Colorado 31

Round 4  -  1/2 Place Match Texas Blue 34 Team PA 31



Cadet Duals Team at Camp

PA wrestlers that made the all Tournament Team. In Greco Beau Bartlett (126/132) 6-0, Ben Root (170) 7-0 and Julian Gorring (182) 7-0. In Freestyle Chris Kim (88) 7-0, Josh Stillings (160) 5-0, Gavin Hoffman (220) 7-0 and Mike Slivinski (220/285) 5-0.

PA Blue finishes as National Runner-up in both Greco and Freestyle.

See Results below: 

PA Blue Cadet National Freestyle 2nd Place

PA Blue Cadet National Greco 2nd place





PA Schoolboy Wrestlers on all Tournament Team

Greco Team:  Kurtis Phipps (91) 7-0, Will Betancourt (105) 5-0

Freestyle Team: Ryan Crookham (91) 8-0, Jagger Condomitti (112) 8-0, Justin Cramer (175) 7-0 and Colby Whitehill  (210) 7-0. 

Luke Lucerne (105) was 4-0 at Greco but did not have enough match to qualify for the team.

See Results attached below



Spencer Lee and Jordan Wood Make Freestyle Junior World Team

Two Pennsylvania wrestlers qualified for the 2016 United States Freestyle Junior World Team on Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas. Both Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional / Iowa) and Jordan Wood (Boyertown Area / Lehigh) each wrestled their way to a spot on the Junior World Team on the first day of competition. Photos of Lee and Wood by Bill Rudick for PA Power Wrestling.

2015 Junior World Champion Spencer Lee will be returning to the World Championship at 50 KG where last year he dominated the World’s best wrestlers en route to a World Championship. Lee, who recently joined Titan Mercury WC, only had to get through one wrestler to claim the spot at 50 KG/110 lbs. In the best-of-three finals “The Kid” had no trouble with Colorado’s Mosha Schwartz defeating him by tech-fall (10-0) in two straight matches.

Spencer will be in the hunt for his second straight, and third overall, World Championship Title in his young career. The Franklin Regional junior, who recently committed to compete for the Iowa Hawkeys in college, will travel to Macon, France in late August 2016 in a special event for Spencer. For a long time Spencer has been looking forward to this Tournament as his mother, Cathy Lee, is a native of France.

Boyertown Area senior Jordan Wood made a triumphant return to the mat after suffering a season ending shoulder injury back in March 2016. The 2015 PIAA State Champion competed at 120 KG/264 lbs. and had to get through the challenge tournament first before competing in the best-of-three finals with USAW Junior National Champion Rylee Streifel (Minnesota Storm). Jordan had to get past two fellow Pennsylvania Wrestlers along the way defeating Joey Goodhart (Drexel / Hempfield) in the semifinals (9-2) and then in the challenge tournament finals he downed Jake Gunning (Buffalo / Liberty) in a close (5-4) bout. The win over Gunning placed Wood in the finals against Streifel, a Minnesota Gopher freshman, who earned an automatic bid into the best-of-three finals after he won the Junior Nationals in Las Vegas last month. In the first match Wood picked up a (5-0) win and secured his spot on the World Team with a tech-fall (11-0) in match number two.

Like Spencer Lee, Jordan is no stranger to International competition as the high school senior and Lehigh recruit was a 2014 Cadet World Silver Medalist.

On Sunday several additional Pennsylvania wrestlers will be competing for a spot on the Junior World Team. Below is a look at PA’s results from Saturday and a list of Sunday competitors. Visit TrackWrestling for full information.



To our PAWF Wrestlers and Families THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SEASON. Results from 2016 Championship have been posted. Good Luck to those wrestlers moving on to our National Duals Teams and National Championships.



Phil Portuese Northeast Regional

PAWF was the host for the Northeast Regionals and it was a record breaking tournament again this year. There were a total of 1801 wrestlers with 1169 in Freestyle and 632 in Greco. PA also advanced 159 Freestyle (36 Champions) and 132 Greco (40 Champions) to National Championships.  

A SPECIAL THANK YOU Toni Black and her Concession team, Lisa Doggett and her Hospitality team, the Registration team and Rollie Stillings for her booming voice doing the announcing. The PAWF Family put on another great show. 

If you would like to purchase pictures from Northeast Regionals Click Here

See Results below:



Attention all mat officials & pairing officials! Pennsylvania is requiring us to pass a child abuse background b4 we can renew our USWOA licenses.You MUST provide verification of this b4 TC Logic will approve your USWOA license.

You will need to get the following clearance:
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance you need to go to site and create an account and get a log in. Once you get log in information then you can submit that information.


USA Wrestling is excited to announce that we are adding an online bronze certification course to supplement the in-person classes.

 Some of our coach members might have difficulty driving long distances to a bronze class or the dates/times may not fit into their schedule so we’ve launched this online course to help meet their needs. 

 The online course can be taken by starting your coaches off at this link:  

Online cost is $80.