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The PAUSA Wrestling Family wish our most condolences to the Kindig Family for the loss of Tod. 

Tod was a long time National Team Coach with many championships under his belt and a good friend and there are many stories that I could share about Tod. We all know that for Tod it was all about the kids and he loved the sport of wrestling. We will miss you Brother, but I am sure you will be working on improving the wrestling in Heaven.

RIP you will always be in our memory! 

Joe Sr.



Annual Board and General Membership Meeting

This year our General Membership meeting will be on Sunday September 26th at 1:00 PM more details to be announced soon but the meeting will be a big year for us as all the director positions are open.  All executive positions remain in place, until next year. If anyone wants to help make us a better organization, you can nominate for the positions listed. If you plan on attending the meeting fill out the Registration form link below:



Cadet Director

Coaches Director

Communication/Media Director

Club Liaison Director (name change was Director at Large)

Folkstyle Director

Freestyle Development Coach

Fundraising Director

Greco-Roman Development Coach

Junior Director

Kids Director

Membership Director

Officials Director

Open Director

Tournament Manager

Women’s Development Head Coach

Women’s Director

Director at Large (1 positions)

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me at


Season Update!

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. (Vince Lombardi)


Dear Coaches, Clubs, Officials, Wrestlers and Parents,

We have just completed our Freestyle/Greco-Roman season and will start again, in September with some Folkstyle events.  We plan to run a few events monthly until the end of November.  More details will be available shorty.

I want to take a few minutes to wrap up our 2020-21 season with some highlights, such as we captured both 16U Freestyle and Greco Championships at the National Championship in Fargo, ND.

16U MENS FREESTYLE TEAM set a new PA record, with 21 All-Americans and blew away the rest of the field compiling a total of 223 points to finish 84 points ahead of Minnesota. 16U Freestyle All-Americans 106 - Sam Herring - 2nd Place, 138 - Tyler Kasak - 2nd Place,  145 - Pierson Manville - 2nd Place, 195 - Sonny Sasso - 2nd Place, 113 - Vincent Kilkeary - 3rd Place, 126 - Mason Gibson - 3rd Place, 145 - Dylan Evans - 3rd Place, 126 - Kamdyn Williams - 4th Place, 220 - Austin Johnson - 4th Place, 120 - Maddox Shaw - 5th Place, 220 - Zachary Evans - 5th Place, 285 - Aiden Compton - 5th Place, 88 - Kole Davidheiser - 6th Place, 113 - Jack Consiglio - 6th Place, 126 - Vince Bouzakis - 6th Place, 138 - Nicholas Kunstek - 6th Place, 106 - Nathan Desmond - 7th Place, 120 - Dalton Perry - 7th Place, 182 - Tucker Hogan - 7th Place, 120 - Gauge Botero - 8th Place, 170 - Travis Stipetich - 8th Place. Day 6 Wrap Up.

16U MENS GRECO TEAM claimed their 17th title since 1985 and their first double championship since 2007. Team PA crowned 3 National Champions and 3 National Runner up and a Total of 14 All-Americans on the way to the Team Title scoring 197 points with Minnesota 2nd with 128 points. PA also crowed 3 National Champions 126 - Mason Gibson, 145 - Pierson Manville and 160 - Liam Scrivanich. PA also had 11 All- Americans 100 - Trey Wagner - 2nd Place, 126 - Kamdyn Williams - 2nd Place, 220 - Austin Johnson - 2nd Place, 100 - Aaron Seidel - 3rd Place, 145 - Dylan Evans - 3rd Place, 94 - Davis Motyka - 5th Place, 94 - Josef Garshnick - 6th Place, 106 - Nathan Desmond - 6th Place, 88 - Kole Davidheiser - 7th Place, 113 - Sam Herring - 8th Place and 182 - Adrian Gacek - 8th Place.

16U CADET WOMEN also set a record with 10 All-American and finished in a tie for 6th Place with Minnesota and New York.  Leading was for Team PA was 122 – Haylie Jaffee – 3rd Place, 100 - Jayleah Pletz – 7th Place, 100- Aubre Krazer – 8th Place, 106 - Ana Malovich – 5th Place, 106 - Lexia Schechterly – 8th Place, 117 - Marissa Rumsey – 8th Place, 122- Savannah Witt – 5th Place, 144- Avry Ryhal – 7th Place, 164 -     Jael Miller – 4th Place and 164 - Abbie Miles – 6th Place.

JUNIOR MEN FREESTYLE finished in 2nd Place with 111 points well behind Illinois that had 130. Team PA had 10 All- Americans 132 - Nic Bouzakis - 3rd Place, 138 - Jude Swisher - 5th Place, 145 - Jackson Arrington- 4th Place, 152 - Paniro Johnson - 3rd Place, 152 - Erik Gibson - 6th Place, 160 - Rocco Welsh - 3rd Place, 160 - Holden Garcia - 7th Place, 195 - Kolby Franklin – 4th Place, 195 - Caden Rogers - 5th Place and 285 - Charles Crews iii – 4th Place.

JUNIOR MEN GRECO finished in 11th Place and had 4 All- Americans led by 152 – Paniro Johnson and 195- Caden Rogers both were 3rd Place, 106 – Marco Tocci – 7th Place and 160 – Erik Gibson – 6th Place.

JUNIOR WOMEN had 3 All-American and placed in 17th in the team standings. 122 - Montana DeLawder - 3rd Place, 112 - Ava Bayless - 5th Place and 200 - Trinity Monaghan - 7th Place.

It was a very successful trip for Team PA, and I would like to Thank our Team Leader Toni Black and her staff, our coaches and wrestlers and parents for making the Fargo trip a success.

Prior to our trip to the 16U and Junior National Championship in Fargo we competed in all the National Duals events,

KIDS NATIONALS FREESTYLE PA made a great showing. Crowning 4 National Champions. Leading the way to National Championship were Keegan Bassett (12U - 88), Max Firestine (12U - 135), Thomas Verrette (14U - 110) and Denarli Mickel (14U - 187).

PA also had 3 National Runner Ups - Caden Yanarella (12U - 88), Owen McMullen (14U - 1490 and Terrell McFarland (14U - 165) and finished up with a total of 18 All-Americans.

KIDS NATIONALS GRECO Keegan Bassett (12U - 86) led the way for PA picking up his second National Title. As winning Freestyle National Title were Nathan Fenner (10U - 84), Chase Hetrick (12U - 135) and Luka Litteton Mascaro (14U - 102). PA also had 6 national runner up's Max Dinges (12U - 67), Max Firestine (12U - 135), Thomas Verrette (14U - 110), Owen McMullen (14U - 149), Terrell McFarland (14U - 165) and Denari Mickel (14U - 187).


Our 14U girls made history by being the first girl’s team to win a Girls Greco National Championship and also added a Freestyle National Championship. Our Junior Women PA Blue finished in 4th and where in every match but gave up a few forfeits that hurt them.  Our Junior Men finished in 20th in both Greco and Freestyle. Individual Result Junior Men Greco - Nico Tocci - 5-1, Marci Tocci - 3 -1, Liam Goodrich 3-1, Pierson Manville 9-0, Jared Keslar 4-0, Ethan Richer 7-2. In Freestyle Casey Walker 6-1, Marco Tocci 4-1, Nico Tocci 3-1, Taylor Weaver 3-1, Pierson Manville 7-0, Griffin Walizer 5-2, Colin McCorkle 4-0, Jared Keslar 3-0. Pierson Manville was 16-0 and Jared Keslar finished 7-0. Junior Women Freestyle PA Blue placed 4th which is the best we have done. Jayleh Pletz, Ava Bayless and Savannah Witt were all 7-1 and Montana DeLawder and Charlotte Gilfoil had 6-2 records. Leading the PA Red Team were Aubre Krazer and Ana Malovich both 8-1. Now on to our 14U Girls double National Champs the following girls were 4-0 Lillian Rumsey, Julia Horger, Lane Fordyce, Sienna Chiesa, Sienna Landrum, Jordyn Fouse, Julissa Ortiz (Outstanding Wrestler), Kayla Husti-Luca and Sierra Ripka.


PA Blue finished in 5th place and PA Red won the Yellow Pool. The following PA Wrestlers finished with perfect records in Freestyle Sam Herring – PA Blue (106) 7-0, Nino Walker – PA Red (120) and Conner McChesney – PA Red (152/160) 6-0

Wrestlers had 1 loss Nikos Filipos -PA Blue (94) 6-1, Kollin Rath – PA Blue (132) 6-1, Cameron Milheim – PA Red (138), Dylan Evans – PA Blue (145) 6-1 and Sonny Sasso – PA Blue (195) 6-1


PA Blue takes 5th Place. PA Red finishes winning there last 3 matches. The Following Wrestlers were Undefeated and on the All- Tournament Team: Kole Davidheiser - PA Blue (88), Vincent Kilkeary - PA Blue (120) and Austin Johnson - PA Blue (220)


PA Blue finished in 9th place and PA Red placed 5th in the Red Pool. The following PA Wrestlers finished with perfect records in Freestyle and made the All-Tournament Team. Jack Conroy – PA Blue – (187/250) 9-0, Will Deter – PA Blue – (83) 8-0, Thomas Verrette – PA Blue – (110) 8-0, Terrell McFarland – PA Blue (165) 8-0 and Owen McMullen – PA Red (7-0). PA Wrestlers with 1 loss were Carter Chunko – PA Blue (77) 7-1, Chris Dennis – PA Blue (102) 7-1, Reagan Milheim – PA Red (110) 6-1, Quinn McBride – PA Red (114) 6-1, Aiden Grogg – PA Blue (119) 7-1, Cael Weidemoyer – PA Blue (149) 7-1 and Mason Papinchak – PA Red (149) 6-1.

Tournament Wins Thomas Verrette and Terrel McFarland 15-0, Carter Chunko and Will Dettar 14-1, Aiden Grogg 14-2, Reagan Millheim and Owen McMullen 13-1 and Cael Weidemoyer 13-2.                                         


Greco finals saw PA Blue finishes as National Runner Up! PA Red bounces back to win their Pool. The Following Wrestlers were 7-0 and the All -Tournament Team: Carter Chunko - PA Blue (77), Eli Herring - PA Red (77), Thomas Verrette - PA Blue (110), Reagan Milheim - PA Red (110), Aiden Grogg - PA Red (119), Terrrell McFarland - PA Blue (165) and Jake Conroy - PA Blue (187/250).

Going 6-1 were Will Detar - PA Blue (83), Noah Fenner - PA Red (87), Elijah Brosius - PA Blue (97), Cael Weidemoyer - PA Blue (149) and Owen McMullen - PA Red (165)

PAUSAW STATES had 672 wrestlers compete in Freestyle and 440 in Greco which was one of the highest number of wrestlers we had in the last few years.

I do have a pet peeve that I would like to address and let people understand that this organization is all about our wrestlers and I heard numerous parents ask why we charge so much for our trip.  This year our organization took an $86,000 hit to our budget to send our wrestlers to Fargo. We had originally budgeted $30,000 but took a big hit due to increase cost and once we released our trip prices it was too late to change them. So, based on the cost of the trip below it cost us over $975 per wrestler.

Bus 1  $              14,196.00
Bus 2  $              15,516.00
Bus 3  $              16,506.00
Bus 4  $              19,667.00
Bus Total  $              65,885.00
Camp  $              21,600.00
Drivers Hotel  $                2,216.88
Van  Rental (2 vans)  $                5,052.12
Gas/Receipts Van 1 (Pataky)  $                   409.81
Gas/Receipts Van 2 (Evans)  $                   103.05
Shirts  $              10,747.00
Wrestlers Entry Fee  
16U M FS and 16U FS WM  $                5,500.00
JUN M  $                4,675.00
JUN W FS  $                1,210.00
16U M GR  $                2,695.00
JUN M GR  $                3,245.00
TOTAL HOUSING COST  $              79,850.00
Refunds  $                6,162.99
Total Cost  $            209,351.85
Collected from Wrestlers  $            150,885.00
Additional Cost to PAUSAW  $              58,466.85


We are in this for the kids. I see events being held every week that do nothing but line the promoters’ pockets with cash - not a lot giving back to the wrestlers. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have these events, that’s not my point, it is just to make you understand that we are here to support our wrestlers.

As an organization we have worked hard this past year to give our wrestlers as many opportunities to compete that we could, and did we make a few mistakes along the way you bet we did but we learn and discuss each and adjust and we will continue to offer opportunities as we proceed into next season.





Bo Bassett claims the 2021 UWW Cadet World Championships at 45KG. Bo won all 4 of his match and dominated the weight class. 

Round 1: Bo Bassett (USA) VFA14-8 over Malkhazi Khelaia (Georgia)

Round 2: Bo Bassett (USA) VFA11-4 over Yusif Isparov (Azerbaijan)

Round 3: Bo Bassett (USA) VSU113-2 over Umidjon Iskandarov (Uzbekistan)

Finals: Bo Bassett (USA) VFA 1:27 over Alikhan Ashinov (Russia)


The USA Currently trails India in the Team Standings 147 to 143 and tomorrow will wrap up the Freestyle event. Levi Haines (USA) 71KG finished in 7th Place.

Thursday 7/22/21
5:30 AM - Qualification Rounds WFS - 40kg, 46kg, 53kg, 61kg, 69kg

10:45 AM - Semifinal Rounds WFS - 40kg, 46kg, 53kg, 61kg, 69kg

12:00 PM - Finals and Medal Matches WFS - 43kg, 49kg, 57kg, 65kg, 73kg


Mason Gibson (126) Greco National Champion

Pierson Manville 152 Greco National Champion

Liam Scrivanich 195 Greco National Champion





USA Wrestling is excited to announce that we are adding an online bronze certification course to supplement the in-person classes.

 Some of our coach members might have difficulty driving long distances to a bronze class or the dates/times may not fit into their schedule so we’ve launched this online course to help meet their needs. 

 The online course can be taken but you will need to have you new account setup and claim your profile:  

Click Here to go to Bronze Link

Online cost is $80.